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Antibes, where fun goes with sun

Ideally located on the Mediterranean sea, Antibes is a little city of the south of France. It has a long story to count, and a lot of tourists come every year to hear it and to enjoy the so famous Côte d’Azur.

About France

From the gallo roman period, Antibes kept some remains, here and there. Among them, head Clemenceau street, and find, in the garden of the presbytere, some ruins of an old villa.

To learn more about Antiquity in Antibes, go the archeological museum. If you are a sweet tooth, visit the provencal market and feast your nose with the sweetest fragrances! Enjoy the view from the unavoidable "Fort carré", overlooking the sea.

Finally, stroll along the coastline path from the Garoupe’s beach and you will be following the smuggler way! If you are with kids, do not miss Marineland, the aquatic amusement park, the whole family will love it!

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    Affordable, but crowded |
    "This was my first overnight trip on a train in France. I was surprised to find that although we boarded at 8:00 p.m., there was no dining car or place to sit down other than lying on your bed (because the bunks are too close together to sit up). With 6 people in a second class car, we pretty much all had to lie down at 8:00 and stay that way until 7:40 a.m. On a positive note, the bed was comfortable and it was nice to have a pillow and blanket provided. "

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    Frethun to Paris |
    "A convenient and quick service to Paris, marred only by duplicate booking of several seats in my 1st Class compartment. There were however many empty seats for me to occupy so it was not too disruptive. "

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    TGV Trip |
    "Great way to travel from Antibes to Paris, much less haslle and stress than flying !! "

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    1st class ticket gone waste |
    "i had a terrible experience even though i was travelling 1st class- the seats "

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    Paris to Antibes |
    "Nice, comfortable straightforward journey much as you'd expect ! "

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    1st class experience  |
    "the seats were meant for the 1st class but my expectations from a first class were somehow not matched..only the seats and wc were perfect for a first class- food was not. "

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    Trip from Nice to Paris |
    "I have book the ticket for a short time. That's whay it is too expensive. I really enjoy during my journey from Nice to Paris. The seat is really comfortable, staff are very nice. I went up to cafe room. Very nice view up there. The lady behind the counter is very kind, speak good English. The train is very clean. I'm really enjoy my trip. Next time if I have to go by NGV again. I have to make sure for booking in advance. "