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Blois, a gem of the Loire Valley

If you like renaissance architecture and colourful history, welcome to Blois! Located in the world-famous Loire Valley Chateaux, only 1h30 away from Paris, Blois is a 50 000 inhabitants city that will amaze you thanks you its castle and heritage.

About France

The Castle is just unavoidable. You can see it from far away as it is perched on a rocky spur overlooking the river Loire. Dominating the whole town, this impressive building was erected by the most powerful kings and queens such as Francis the 1st or Anne of Brittany.

Discover the story of betrayals and murders that made the history of France! The castle also houses the museum of Fine Arts, that is worth the visit. To change of scenery, why don’t you go to the museum of magic? It is right in front of the castle.

Do not miss the gothic St Louis cathedral either, and stroll along the Loire banks.

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