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Cherbourg, behind the umbrellas

Everybody knows the "parapluies de Cherbourg", don’t you? So that is the opportunity for you to discover the setting of this musical movie starring the world-famous french actress Catherine Deneuve! So come and open your eyes like a child

About France

Cherbourg, a northern french city, offers a lot to its visitors. Nature lovers will be amazed by the park Liais and the park Ravalet, both classified remarkable gardens, and by the "cité de la mer" (City of the Sea), an amusement park that enables you to see the ocean from inside (you may need the entire day).

Culture lovers will enjoy the Emmanuel Liais’ museum, a cabinet of curiosities dating back to the 19th century, or the museum of "Liberation". Architecture amateur will like the Notre-Dame du Voeu abbey, founded in 1145. You can only admire the ruins but it remains impressive.

Do not miss the 16th century Ravalet castle either.

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