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Cordoba, pearl of Andalusia

Cordoba, pearl of Andalusia

Cordoba’s sun-baked streets lead to La Mezquita, a grand mosque-turned-cathedral built when southern Spain lay under Muslim rule. Look up at its imposing tower from the whitewashed Flower Alley or stroll under Moorish arches inside. Stop in the tangled Jewish quarter to sample local Montilla-Moriles wine.

About Spain

Declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Cordoba, the pearl of Andalusia will surely attract you. Lose yourself along the river Guadalquivir and the many parks, mills and terraces in its surroundings. Every parcel of Cordoba’s multicultural History is reflected in countless monuments and museums.

In May, it’s time to look behind the curtain of the facades in the historic centre. Magic is in the air when the contest begins between the most gorgeous patios in town. It is a urban paradise unveiled for all of us.

No wonder that Cordoba, this age old town, was called “Jewel of the World” already during the 10th century.

Cordoba station(s)

Trains are convenient way to reach any town and city in Europe. All main towns have a railway station, while major cities have more than two railway stations. Nearly all railway stations are located in the city centre. Check our map to locate railway station(s) in Cordoba.

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Train route - seville, granada, cordoba, madrid, barcelona Looking into flying into Seville and then visiting Granada, and Cordoba by train before heading up to Madrid and Barcelona. What would be the best train route for this?

Tyler Dominguez | 18 April 2029 complete | 2 Comments
Making things easy in southern spain (madrid-sevilla, sevilla-granada, granada-cordoba, cordoba-madrid, (...) Hello. I will be traveling through Spain with a friend in May/June 2018. Our itinerary is as follows: Madrid to Sevilla (May 29), Sevilla to Granada (May 31), Granada to Cordoba (June 2), and Cordoba to Madrid (June 4). We also want to fit in a (...)

S Lo-Lu | 18 April 2013 complete | 3 Comments
Station - luggage lockers I would like travel to a city for a short visit, then travel to another city on the same day. Are there secure lockers to store luggage at the station while you see the city?

Michael McPhearson | 12 July 2023 complete | 51 Comments
Email confirmation not recievved dont remember booking nos Booked on Madrid to cordoba 6th oct 2015 8.36 train credit card charged no email confirmation yer

haji arif choksy | 15 September 2012 complete | 3 Comments
What are the reservation fees for a round-trip journey in spain? When using a Eurail Spain Pass, is the reservation fee shown charged on both segments of a roundtrip journey? For example, I used your website to find the fee for a trip from from Malaga to Cordoba and it showed $14. Is that for the entire trip? (...)

Diane Sanderbeck | 18 February 2025 complete | 3 Comments

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  • Convenience
    Good trip |
    "It was a good trip to Cordoba by taking Renfe. I will suggest people in Taiwan to do so. "

  • Convenience
    good travel |
    "We enjoyed very much,excellent ,comfortable trip "

  • Convenience
    Doesn’t get better than this |
    "The title says it all. The Ave is a first-class bullet train. Everything was great. The only dark spots are the Raileurope web site and the Renfe automated ticket machines, each of which is just awful. The only realistic way to buy a train ticket in Europe is to a station, take a number, and work with a human when your turn comes. Allow enough time to do this and you'll be find. BTW you really don't need to buy a 1st class ticket as we did. Tourist was fine and we used that on later trips. Also the complimentary food is not any better than a US airline. "

  • pleasant trip cordoba to madri |
    "5 star trip from cordoba to madrid. big comfort also in second class . less 2 hours from cordoba to madrid good value for money "

  • Convenience
    Renfe does it well |
    "We dropped the rental car at the Cordoba bus terminal and put our gear in lockers. We took a cab to tour La Mesquita. Picked up our gear and walked across the street to the train station for a fast ride to Madrid. It was all convenient. The service on the train was congenial and helpful. Enjoyed the trip. Would do it again. "

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    Excellent way to travel spai |
    "Fast ,on time,comfortable "

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    Excellent service |
    "The train was very comfortable, very fast, and the trip as a whole was truly value for the money. I would highly recommend Renfe high speed trains to my colleagues and friends travelling in Spain. "

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    Fantastic |
    "We travelled from Sevilla to Cordoba and were afraid it would be like the trains in Holland, but the opposite was true ! "

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    We loved it ! |
    "We so enjoyed the trains in Spain. They were on-time, comfortable, convenient, and reasonably priced. "

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    Convenient trip |
    "Nice trains on time with no disruptions "

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