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Sete, a pleasant town to stay in the south of France if you want to enjoy the sun, the sea, and the french way of life

Commonly called the "Singular Island", the city of Sete is located in the southern part of France, between the Mediterranean sea and the Thau pond. Thanks to its particular location, this more than 40,000 inhabitants city is a perfect touristic destination.

About France

Sete is a portuary city built under the command of Louis the XIV. The old port was built by Pierre-Paul Riquet, builder of the Canal du Midi in southern France, and it deserves to be seen.

The city counts many museums such as the Modest Arts international one, which is a surprising museum presenting many usual objects from the everyday life. If you know or want to know more about the french singer Georges Brassens, who was born in Sete, go to visit the Brassens’ space.

Sete is a seaside city, and many festivals occur in or around the city during summertime, each year from April to September.

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  • Value for money
    Homeward bound |
    "We enjoyed travelling on the train and would recommended it as a great way to travel on holiday, it was very relaxing, the trains were comfortable and always on time. "

  • Value for money
    To Sete |
    "A good way to get to Sete but, the food cart ran out before getting to us and the change of trains at Montpellier was not as easy as we expected. However that part of the trip was very short and we got in on time. "

  • Value for money
    To Paris |
    "This was a very easy and convenient way to get from Sete to Paris. We arrived at the Sete station early and information about the trip was OK but not as prompt as we would have liked. Managing heavy bags through the station was difficult with all the stairs and once on the train, there is never quite enough place to store them. First Class on the lower deck seemed strange as there would have been a better view from the upper deck. There was no information on the train as to its speed and route which would have been interesting. However it was a quick trip and a great way to get from Sete to Paris. "