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Compared with their majestic infrastructure, Danish trains seem modest : fast, modern and efficient. an archipelago. Either you’re still googling or searching for that geography textbook. Or you know that Denmark fits that description. That’s because it’s located on a large body of water, in this case the Baltic Sea, and consists of many scattered islands.

Maybe that’s why the Danish invented the railway ferry. Trains would go on a ferryboat, cross the sea channels and continue their trip on the other side. Today, there are still a few railway ferry services between Copenhagen and Hamburg, but the Great Belt fixed link has replaced most of them. This engineering masterpiece—and the largest construction project in Danish history—is both a 5-mile railway tunnel and a 22,000-foot bridge. Naturally, the link has drastically reduced travel times—what once took an hour by ferry, now takes just ten minutes.

Compared with their majestic infrastructure, Danish trains seem modest : fast, modern and efficient. Most intercity lines offer a first class option (Comfort) that is more roomy and quiet and is an excellent value for the money. There’s open seating on all trains, making it easy to travel with a rail pass. Maybe that’s why Scandinavian passes are such a good deal.

For more information on Denmark contact the Denmark Tourist Board.

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  • Locating Train was difficult |
    "I had some trouble finding the track at Gare de Lyon in Paris. Also I had trouble finding my coach at the Lyon Airport train going to Paris. "

  • Efficient and on time service |
    "Excellent service. On time and comfortable "

  • A trip over Alpes |
    "I've been travelling to Geneve to meet my daughter. the train was very comfortable and the staff very kind. I bought a good sandwich with salami and butter, a black tea with cinnamon. Very new flavour for me. The viw around the lake from Geneve to Montreux was great. "

  • Very good option  |
    "It was a very good journey. The train was comfortable, the attendants were friendly. Service on board was perfect including the breakfast, which was delicious. "

  • Resumo de minha viagem |
    "Confortável, chegamos ao destino descansados. Valor um pouco alto, mas deixamos para adquirir as passagens na última hora, por isso o alto preço. Conveniente, pois é mais rápido e confortável do que viajar por via aérea. "

  • Exceptional Trip |
    "Exceptional trip from St Pancras to Paris with the help of VIP transfer service from St. Pancras hotel. Highly recommended. "

  • Good |
    "Very fast journey. Comfortable. "

  • Better than flying |
    "Coming from Australia I assumed flights would be far better than trains but having the stations right in the centre of the city made it much more convenient and easier to manage without a phone. The train was smooth and quick. "

  • Trouble free,excellent journey |
    "Excellent service.We booked and printed tickets on line which scanned easily on day of journey. All baggage x rayd so great security before entering platform. Allocated seating upon booking. Train on time. Value for money 5 stars. (auto star system not working. )22 euros per person each way. "

  • To MAdrid |
    "my trip was great but I was wonder that the crew was not speaking English and she couldn't understand me once I order. "

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