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You can access Wales from the south, in castle-rich Cardiff, or from the north, an impressive wildlife paradise.

Welsh trains operate similarly to those in the UK, and are easy to navigate. The language is the same, and trains are frequent, comfortable, and require no reservations.

Of course, if you’re traveling with a pass at peak times, it’s always a good idea to book your seat in advance. Rail Europe can do this for you, or you can do so locally, depending on when you finalize your travel plans. If you choose to go with a ticket, remember that all tickets sold by Rail Europe include a pre-assigned seat whenever the carrier offers this option. (It’s always nice to start your journey in a comfortable, pre-selected seat.)

You can access Wales from the south, in castle-rich Cardiff, or from the north, an impressive wildlife paradise. Cardiff connects to London in a little over two hours, with frequent service. Chester (located in the north at the border between England and Wales) is the gateway to northern Wales, and connects to London, Manchester, and Birmingham.

Essentially, train travel in Wales is comprised of these routes : a north-south line, connecting Cardiff and Chester, and two east-west lines which connect Cardiff or Chester to Fishguard and Holyhead, two ports on the Irish Sea with additional ferry connections in Ireland. Good to know : if you’re heading to Ireland and hold an Ireland or Eurail Pass, you’ll receive a money-saving 30% discount on the ferry line linking Holyhead and Dun Laoghaire (just a few miles away from Dublin, connected by train).

And, if you plan to travel with a pass, you have lots of possibilities. There are many BritRail Pass options which offer a variety of geographical choices perfect for your particular travel—and budget—needs.

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  • Locating Train was difficult |
    "I had some trouble finding the track at Gare de Lyon in Paris. Also I had trouble finding my coach at the Lyon Airport train going to Paris. "

  • Efficient and on time service |
    "Excellent service. On time and comfortable "

  • A trip over Alpes |
    "I've been travelling to Geneve to meet my daughter. the train was very comfortable and the staff very kind. I bought a good sandwich with salami and butter, a black tea with cinnamon. Very new flavour for me. The viw around the lake from Geneve to Montreux was great. "

  • Very good option  |
    "It was a very good journey. The train was comfortable, the attendants were friendly. Service on board was perfect including the breakfast, which was delicious. "

  • Resumo de minha viagem |
    "Confortável, chegamos ao destino descansados. Valor um pouco alto, mas deixamos para adquirir as passagens na última hora, por isso o alto preço. Conveniente, pois é mais rápido e confortável do que viajar por via aérea. "

  • Exceptional Trip |
    "Exceptional trip from St Pancras to Paris with the help of VIP transfer service from St. Pancras hotel. Highly recommended. "

  • Good |
    "Very fast journey. Comfortable. "

  • Better than flying |
    "Coming from Australia I assumed flights would be far better than trains but having the stations right in the centre of the city made it much more convenient and easier to manage without a phone. The train was smooth and quick. "

  • Trouble free,excellent journey |
    "Excellent service.We booked and printed tickets on line which scanned easily on day of journey. All baggage x rayd so great security before entering platform. Allocated seating upon booking. Train on time. Value for money 5 stars. (auto star system not working. )22 euros per person each way. "

  • To MAdrid |
    "my trip was great but I was wonder that the crew was not speaking English and she couldn't understand me once I order. "

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