When you are a train line connecting Barcelona to Valencia, Alicante and other major cities in Spain, one of the largest countries in Europe, you have to think big, with a level of customer service and high functionality that enhances every travel experience, whether business or pleasure. You have to think fast, with high-speed dynamically designed modern trains that can travel up to 124 mph. You have to think comfort, because trips, while scenic and delightful, can still be lengthy covering so much territory. And you have to think of everyone, offering both the luxuries of Preferente Class and the economy of Tourist Class service. These are the charms of the Alaris. Everything has been considered to provide the ultimate in comfort and convenience to absolutely everyone.

So the train in Spain glides cheerfully through the plain. And the only thing that’s reigning? Happiness.

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Alaris Train en route

At 124 mph, Alaris reigns in Spain.

Alaris train with birds

Enjoy comfortable seats, video/audio outlets and beautiful views.