Brussels Airport Train

Next, fly into downtown Brussels.

Chances are, you’re spending 6+ hours in the air to get to your spectacular Belgium destination. And once you land, you’re close, but not close enough. You could take a taxi, but that could be a costly ride. Instead, why not whisk into town on the Brussels Airport Train? In less than 25 minutes, the Brussels Airport Train offers direct service from Brussels airport to Brussels Midi station, with stops at the Central and Nord stations. You’ll travel comfortably in these air-conditioned, non-smoking trains that don’t just take you right near your final destination in downtown Brussels, but the center point of all Belgian rail travel. And the Brussels Airport Train is really convenient, with departure times starting from the airport at 5:27am, and three to four departures hourly until 11:09pm.

More good news? If you have a Eurail Pass that includes Belgium, you can use one of your travel days for free travel on the Brussels Airport Train. So remember. Just because you got off the plane, you don’t have to stop flying to where you’re going. It takes less than 25 minutes to sprout up in the center of Brussels.

Belgium Brussels Place Royale - Koningsplein

Visit Brussels' Place Royale or "Koningsplein".

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