Can a train have ears? Apparently. Because the CrossCountry network, which stretches from Aberdeen to Penzance and Stansted to Cardiff, has listened to the comments of world travelers to make your rail journey better than ever. With comfortable new interiors that have 35% more seating space and 25% extra luggage space across the entire fleet. With at-seat catering for drinks & snacks, which they told us they’d prefer. When you consider that the CrossCountry is the most extensive rail network in Britain, you begin to understand just how far this line has gone to make you happy. In fact, approximately 1,500 route miles. With frequent departures and convenient ways to get all around Britain. And everything that could be done has been done to keep the CrossCountry at the forefront of technology. Including high-speed service on some routes, Wi-Fi access and improved mobile reception where possible.

It seems these rains not only have ears for listening, but quite a lot of common sense as well.


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First Class seats on a CrossCountry Train

First Class power seating: Outlets and complimentary snacks.

Attendent on the train serving food from a cart

Second Class, with amenities including trolley snack service.