Eastern European Trains

Journey by train and fall in love with Eastern Europe

Take a journey beyond the typical tourist destinations and into the heart of Eastern Europe. You’ll find the rail networks comprehensive with connections to all major cities, convenient with frequent departure times in major cities, and spectacularly scenic.

In Poland, take the train to Krakow, a medieval gem. It’s just a 2 hours, 40 minutes from Warsaw. And the Berlin Warsaw Express lets you travel from Germany to Poland in under six hours. The Czech Republic’s winding river valleys color your train route from Prague to Decin. In Hungary, fast IC trains are your ticket to key provincial cities. But don’t miss the Danube Bend, a string of small riverside towns just north of Budapest. Romania’s network includes the cherished city of Brasov (with famous Bran Castle—aka Dracula’s haunt—located nearby). It’s less than 4 hours from Bucharest via an absolutely stunning mountain route.

The modern rail network of Slovenia/Croatia connects most areas of interest with EC/IC or high-speed trains available on main routes. Beautiful Lake Bled is just an hour’s ride from Ljubljana to Lesce-Bled station. And what trip to Eastern Europe is complete without a stop in Austria? Hourly trains from Vienna to enchanting Salzburg take only three hours. Most lines are picture-perfect, but the Arlberg Line west of Innsbruck is particularly magnificent.

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