Grand Central

Travel Between London and Sutherland or Bradford. Cherrio!

The Grand Central operates high-speed direct train services between London Kings Cross, Yorkshire and the North East. But unlike many trains throughout England and Europe, The Grand Central is not part of a government franchise and receives no public subsidy. Which means it must make travelers happy in order to stay in business. Perhaps that’s why it delivers a level of customer service that can only come from accountability whether you’re traveling in First or Standard Class. You’ll find free WiFi available throughout all routes, and power outlets for laptops and phones provided in most cars. Of course, it doesn’t stop with making your devices feel at home, but you. With improved seating and legroom for greater comfort, and seats lined up with windows to make the most of the passing view. Luggage racks are provided at the end of each car with space for smaller items behind seats and in overhead racks, so you’ll never have to be far from your stuff.

But if you thought traveling on the train is all fun and games, well, you’d be right. Especially on this train. With Monopoly, Cluedo and Chess boards available on every table in Standard Class (playing pieces can be purchased from the buffet or you’re welcome to bring your own).

One thing is certain. On a journey like this, game or no game, everyone wins.


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