The SJ High Speed Train

The SJ High Speed Train

In Sweden, they really know how to assemble things. Wait till you experience the railway they put together. The SJ High Speed train is a tilting high-speed train, traveling at speeds of up to 125 mph on all major routes. You can take it from the Swedish capital of Stockholm to Copenhagen, Göteborg, Malmö, Sundsvall, and Oslo. Or from Göteborg to Malmö and Copenhagen. Yet even traveling that fast you’ll be able to enjoy the magnificence of nature passing outside: pristine mountain views and alpine fields impossible to appreciate from airplanes or the burdens of the driver’s seat. Not to mention the simplicity of arriving in the city center of a sophisticated cultural hub, ready to go. You really do get to enjoy the best of both worlds. All while preserving the one we have, since the train uses renewable energy from hydropower to be even more environmentally friendly. Still, you won’t remember the SJ High Speed train for the technological marvel it is, as much as the perfect travel experience it delivers. And isn’t that the point?

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