Contacting Rail Europe

  • How can I contact Rail Europe prior to my departure to Europe?

    US travelers can reach us by dialing 1-800-622-8600, Canadian travelers can reach us by dialing 1-800-361-7245 and Mexican travlers can reach us at 01-112-6680. Or you can send us a message from our Contact Us page and we will respond to you via email within 24 to 48 hours.

  • How do I contact you while I’m in Europe?

    If you need to contact us while you’re in Europe, you can send us a message by visiting our Contact page. You may also call us, using our regular US phone number (international communication charges will apply). at +1-847-916-1028.  

  • Who should I contact with a question about a special offer?

    Questions about special offers may be directed to our contact center at 1 800-622-8600 or by filling in our contact form on this website.

  • I have a business idea or partnership opportunity for you. Whom should I get in touch with?

    Marketing Opportunities! Do you think you have products or services that could enrich the experience of our customers? Are you interested in exploring joint marketing initiatives? Do you have compelling content for our website?

    We’re always looking to hear from potential partners and put our creative energies together for the benefit of our travelers. If you have any thoughts, feel free to drop us an email at .

  • How can I request a brochure from your company?

    Rail Europe is a “green” company. As such, we’ve made our brochures available online in an effort to reduce the amount of paper used. You can download Rail Europe’s full-color Europe on Track or Rail Europe Collection brochures.