Milan - Lucerne
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Train Milan → Lucerne

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Milan - Lucerne

The average travel time between Milan and Lucerne is 4h02 minutes. The quickest route is 4h02 minutes. The first train leaving Milan is at 14:10, the last at . There is an average of 1 trains a day between Milan and Lucerne, leaving approximately every -1J 00h minutes.
  • Departure station : Milano centrale (Piazza Duca d'Aosta, 1 20124 Milan)
  • Arrival station : Luzern (Bahnhofplatz 1 6003 Lucerne)
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N°: 158
First-class seats Second-class seats Facility for bicycle transport available
14:1018:1204:02 Direct 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
N°: 153
First-class seats Second-class seats Facility for bicycle transport available
07:4711:5004:03 Direct 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

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Reviews & ratings

Overall appreciation

  • Lucerne to Milan first class |
    "Very comfortable journey and a great way to see the countryside. Only problem was with luggage. This trip was part of a five week journey and we had three large suitcases which I had to lug up stairs and strap in for security as they were a distance from our seat.. Otherwise a great trip. "

  • European Holiday |
    "We have just finished a ten week holiday travelling through eight countries using rail Europe which included using Italian international trains .I have nothing but praise for all the European trains we used . They are a very cost effective way to travel between and within countries and next time we are in Europe we will definitely utilise this excellent and efficient mode of transport. "

  • 2nd step to Lucerne  |
    "Though quiet and relatively comfortable, the train ride was exhausting as it seemed to go on and on and on bend after bend at a glaciers speed. Swiss officials came on board just as we entered Switzerland and though friendly, they certainly didn't treat our passports well (bending, twisting and flicking our biometric cards, passing them around repeatedly). It's definitely convenient as it goes from Milan all the way to Lucerne station. "

  • Trains in Europe |
    "Generally very good, efficient, on time. However, quality of meals was very poor. We thought meals were included in First Class, but this was not the case. "

  • Relaxed  |
    "We (myself and wife) traveled from Luzern to Rome and the trip was in two legs. First one was from Luzern to Milan and then from Milan to Rome. We chose the train as we were interested in the landscape of Switzerland and Italy on the way. It was a comfortable trip, nice and clean coaches, good seats and comfortable cabins with very less noise. Also the view was great - through the hillsides and valleys of Switzerland and the farms and houses of Italy. Overall - very good experience. "

  • Excellent service |
    "The train services were simply superb. The journey was extremely comfortable with absolutely no inconvenience to the slightest degree. However, as a suggestion I request you to look into issuing all tickets online and there should not be any paper ticket. "

  • Very good |
    "Very good and comfortable experience. "

  • Enjoyed beauty of Switzerland |
    "Enjoyed the beauty of Switzerland. Convenient, spacious and relaxing travel "

  • Reunion with Friend in Luzerne |
    "A beautiful trip from Milano to Luzerne with mountain scenery most of the way. Comfortable and on time ! "

  • Excellent service |
    "Very Good Service from TGV. Provided on time service. Only issue faced announcement of Platform numer very late (5-10 min before departure) which make you liitle bit worried to board train, Otherwise vary pleasent Journey "

  • Our Trip from Luzern to Milano |
    "We thoroughly enjoyed our trip from Luzern to Milano Centrale. The trip is relaxed and the scenery beautiful. You are able to enjoy refreshments on the train which is comfortable and clean. We would definitely recommend travelling by train through Europe ! "

  • Fabulous service ! |
    "Super comforatble seats, allocated facing each other, just great with a table. Refreshment trolley with a variety of hot and cold drinks, views to die for between Milan and Lucerne passing Como then through mountains....magical ! No designated area or racks for our big cases so had to stack near entrance but good racks above seats for handcases. Extremely prompt, leaving and arriving excatly as stated. a great experience, good value and wd highly recommend . "

  • pleasant travel experience |
    "ample time for train transfer "

  • Fantastic trip |
    "The viewed of the Swiss Alps were beautiful and the the train was very clean and comfortable. "

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