Finland : VR

In Finland, the national railway network operates the VR Railways providing an efficient rail service and fast Intercity trains that connect all major cities to the capital city, Helsinki.

The trains have modern and practical facilities which include family compartments, bicycle and ski locks, play area and mobile phone booths.

A night train from Helsinki to Kolari, the most northern railway station in Finland, is operated by the VR Railways. The travel duration to this train station found beyond the Artic pole is 13 hours. The route between Lappeenranta and Joensuu is a scenic one and passes through the mountainous and forest covered landscape of Finland.

From Helsinki, you can travel by train to St Petersburg, Moscow or Vyborg in Russia. VR Railways do no offer direct trains between Finland and Sweden or Norway. Holders of a Eurail Pass can travel free from Boden/Luleå (Sweden) to Kemi (Finland). Holders of a Eurail Pass can also take the ferry from Denmark, Germany or Sweden. Eurail Pass offers a 50% discount on most ferries.

The VR Railways’ network operates four types of trains, namely InterCity (IC), high-speed Pendolino (EP) trains, regular express trains and slower local trains. A reservation is needed on all express trains (IC and EP trains). No reservation is needed for regular express trains or local trains.

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