Germany : DB

The Deutsche Bahn AG (DB) is the national passenger and logistics company of Germany. It is one of the world’s most important railway companies with about 34000 km of railway tracks and more than 30000 trains operating every day.

The Deutsche Bahn was founded in 1994 and has interests in over 130 countries. The Deutsche Bahn carries more than 1.9 billion train passengers annually.

The Deutsche Bahn operations also include bus services, air freight and sea freight. The strategy of the Deutsche Bahn is mainly to increase its activities (local and international) and to increase the links between the different modes of transport.

In Germany, the Deutsche Bahn offers transport connections to major cities and towns as well as smaller towns or villages.

Our tips

  • When booking a First Class ticket, you can get free access to the 15 Deutsche Bahn lounges in Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt and other main train stations.
  • Holders of a German Rail Pass don’t have to pay additional fees on the Deutsche Bahn railway network to benefit from bonuses and reductions.
  • With Deutsche Bahn you can access the Internet in all Deutsche Bahn Lounges and on all trains which feature the Hotspot logo

Travelling with the Deutsche Bahn means that you can have access to the Internet in every Deutsche Bahn Lounges. Trains which carry the Hotspot logo also provide Wi-Fi Internet connection.

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