Poland : PKP

PKP Intercity is part of the PKP group which operates the Polish railway network. The PKP Intercity operated 350 trains daily, with links to major cities and smaller towns. PKP runs High Standard trains, Mid-range trains and Economy trains.

PKP High Standard trains consists of Ekspres InterCity (EIC) the domestic high standard trains with obligatory reservation, EuroCity (EC) the international high standard trains, reservation obligatory on domestic routes and the EuroNight (EN) the international night trains with obligatory reservation.

Trains operate at speed of up to 160km/h and they connect major towns. Some night TLK trains provide couchette and sleeper cars. The most effective way to travel within Poland by train is by a Eurail Poland Pass. The Pass is valid on the PKP Intercity and on private railway lines as well. However the Pass is not valid on the scenic routes, airport-train station link and with the following operators - Arriva PCC, Koleje Dolnośląskie (local trains in Lower Silesia), Walbrzych Glowny-Jelenia Góra and Koleje Mazowieckie’s (KM) Warsaw-Gdynia.

Neighbouring countries, such as Germany and Holland can be reached by train from Poland.

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