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Book your rail travel with Rail Europe & Save up to 75% on your next purchase!

White Plains, NY, May 28, 2009 – Rail Europe re-launches its money-saving promotion on railpasses. Buy a rail pass between May 8th and June 30th 2009 and get a credit for 25% of the value of that rail pass. Apply this credit to your second rail purchase* made by December 20th, 2009.

How it works:

With the purchase of a $600 rail pass, get a credit for $150 (that’s 25% of $600). On the next purchase you can save $150 when you buy any rail product worth at least $200.

How it works for you:

Take advantage of Rail Europe’s 75% off promotion and visit Europe twice this year to see some of the fantastic things you missed the first time around. Purchase rail passes for your family to travel together this summer. This purchase will earn you credit towards another purchase, so you can plan another trip for 2 later on in the year.

To receive the 25% credit for a future purchase, customers simply complete a form (downloadable from Rail Europe's website) and submit this to Rail Europe along with the used rail pass. They will receive notification from Rail Europe on their credit. Full details and the form can be found on

Rail Europe, the largest distributor of European rail products in North America, encourages you to make train travel a part of your European travel experience. The company celebrates over 75 years as a leader in European travel and believes that the spirit of train travel is about enjoying the simple pleasures, respecting the environment and connecting with people, places and cultures.

* The second purchase must be at least 1.34 times the dollar value of your credit.

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