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Rail Europe Inc. Makes Rail Travel in Spain More Accessible and Flexible

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y., August 1, 2011 –Rail Europe Inc. launches an even broader fare range on Spanish train tickets for North Americans. These are now offered as e-tickets on Rail Europe’s website, offering travelers greater flexibility when traveling around Spain. Ticket prices on the top selling train journeys in Spain now start at $75* ($74 CAD) Madrid to Seville and $79* ($78 CAD) Madrid to Malaga. These e-tickets can be purchased in advance.

“Rail Europe has already seen a 90 percent increase in passenger numbers on Spain’s national railway network, year to date,” said Rail Europe President and CEO, Frederic Langlois. “We continue to offer affordable and flexible train travel to North American travelers and realize the value of doing so within a destination such as Spain, where interest is strong and growing.”

Now is an important time for travel in Spain as the high-speed AVE trains provide even more time-saving benefits to travelers. The new lines have significantly reduced rail travel times between Spain’s major cities. Train travel between Madrid and Málaga now takes only two hours and forty minutes, and travel time between Madrid and Valencia is now only 1 hour and thirty five minutes The most popular AVE train routes in Spain include Madrid–Cordoba (45 AVE trains daily), Madrid–Barcelona (52 AVE trains daily), Madrid–Seville (32 AVE trains daily) and Madrid–Málaga (22 AVE trains daily).

As with all European rail travel, passengers will also experience the ease and convenience of arriving directly in each city center, eliminating the need for airport transfers.

Additionally, Rail Europe offers many sightseeing tours to enhance the travel experience in Spain. For more information on rail tickets, passes or sightseeing tours.

*Prices listed are advance one way fares and must be purchased at least 7 days in advance. Prices are subject to change.

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