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Aberdeen, the silver city with the golden sands

Aberdeen, the silver city with the golden sands

Aberdeen is Scotland’s third most important city, located in its northeast region. In 2012, the city was recognised as been the 56th most liveable city in the world. Aberdeen is also one of Britain’s leading business hub.


Visiting Aberdeen is a real delight. Being an ancient settlement where people have lived for over 8000 years, Aberdeen has a rich heritage. You can visit the city during summer in Europe, and make the most of Aberdeen. Discover its coast, where you can take long walks on the beach facing spectacular scenery. If you are a Golf fan, you should know that Aberdeen has about 30 golf courses all within 30 minutes of the city. For shopping and dining, head to Union Street, where you will find restaurants and top quality shops.

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How do we get from luton airport to bury st edmunds by rail? We will fly from Aberdeen, Scotland to Luton, if that is the best way? Then we want to go to Bury St. Edmunds so what are our choices and the quickest way? Thanks

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Is taking the train a good way to see scotland? also, is there a train station in muirhead? I am going to spend about a week in Scotland. Relatives who have been, told me to rent a car, but I prefer the train. Will I need a car to see some of Scotland, or will the train suffice? Also, I am trying to get to the tiny village of Muirhead (...)

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