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The Port of happiness

The Port of happiness

Another simply fabulous city on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, the Italian city of Ancona also lays its claim as the capital of the Le Marche region of Italy. A main port for waterway traffic, it’s an important economic center of the area.

About Italy

Once you’re here, enjoy a visit to the awe-inspiring Ancona Cathedral, with amazing views of Ancona and the Adriatic coast. The Church of Santa Maria della Piazza is one of the oldest churches in the city. Its elaborate arcaded façade, leading to a soaring arched interior, is a great example of Romanesque architecture.

Be sure to check out the Marche National Archaeological Museum, to gain a better understanding of life in the Marche from the Paleolithic Age to the High Middle Ages. And enjoy the outdoors with visit to the Parco del Cardeto, featuring views of the city and the Adriatic Sea.

There’s a lot to do and a lot to see in Ancona, but for sure, the best way to see it is refreshed with your sense of adventure intact. Arrive rested, having traveled in comfort by Trenitalia train in approximately 3 hours from Milan, 4 hours from Rome and 5 hours from Naples.

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    Nice and neat journey |
    "The train is clean and comfort. While if the seat space larger will perfect. Also it's bit delay but overly a well travel experience. "

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    Ancona to Rome  |
    "Took the inter cuty train to Rome in early november. Price just over 20 Euros which is cheap för a trip taking 3½ hours. many peeople on board although it is low season for tourists in Italy Accurate in time, not very comfy but ok. Slept most of the time "