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Arles, between art and history

80 km away from Marseille, you will find the southern city of Arles, in France. At the heart of the wild and splendid Camargue region, this little 50.000 inhabitants town mainly lived thanks to tourism, you will soon understand why.

About France

Arles has the "ville d’art et d’histoire" label (city of art and history) and totally deserves it.

The roman remains are Unesco listed and among the ruins of Antiquity, you should head the unavoidable theater, which is the most important remain of this period. If you are an archeology lover, you will also find around the city the 2nd century arena and so much more ! If you prefer Midle Ages, from the abbey of Montmajour to the episcopal district, you will have a lot to see. Arles is also full of renaissance and classical buildings.

The great painter Van Gogh is also linked to Arles, what about following his path ?

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Sylvia Smitas | 2016/06/22 complete | 1 Comments
Have rail pass, are reservations needed from paris to avignon, avignon to carcassonne, carcassonne to arles, and arles to (...) Hello! My husband and I have splurged on 8-day first class France rail passes, but I’m not clear if we need to figure out our exact schedule and make reservations ahead of time. Here is our schedule: Paris to Avignon June 17 (arriving by 11, if (...)

Kristin Taylor | 2016/06/13 complete | 1 Comments
Tgv reservations for disabled person with motorized scooter We are flying in to Paris in May and will be traveling to Arles. We want to take a train. How we make a reservation for disabled person in advance?One that route I did not see different classes of service, are there? Should we buy a pass since (...)

jocalyn | 2016/04/25 complete | 1 Comments
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s Ng | 2015/06/16 complete | 3 Comments
Is there a train to mercantour national park in france? i'll be coming from arles. I want to go camping in Mercantour National Park this summer. I see that I can take a train to Nice and then rent a car to get to Mercantour. Is there a more direct route? I'll be coming from Arles, France. (...)

Patrick | 2015/04/15 complete | 1 Comments

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Customer reviews

  • Value for money
    Arles to Hyeres  |
    "Went to Hyeres from Arles, with a change of trains in Marseille. Fine weather and it all worked very well. Trains were on time and not to many people onboard. Traveled in the beginning of October "

  • Value for money
    A pleasant trip |
    "Counter staff friendly and helpful especially that they can spek English. "

  • Value for money
    Comfortable but left hungry ! |
    "The journey was quite comfortable in 1st Class. The cafeteria had run out of sandwiches and other food so it was a long 3.5hr journey with chips n coke - no lunch. Also no complimentary Wi-Fi. Compared to other 1st class trains in Europe n North America this was average "

  • Value for money
    better than average |
    "I had a comfortable trip using raileurope and traveling via TGV. I didn't understand the difference between 1st and 2nd class. I travelled in an older 1st class car and saw that there were newer cars available. The washrooms were decent. Similar to plane washrooms but one of the washrooms in the food car had a really terrible smell and since it was a very busy door, the smell travelled to our car. The stops are announced only in French on the TGV for our trip from Paris to Arles but a quick look outside and you see the stops. The train ride is very comfortable and smooth, ticketing process is simple and stress free. I had my ticket on my iPhone. Power plugs were a big bonus since we had brought a laptop for movies. The price is quite high considering a trip from Toronto to Montreal using via rail is less than 200CAD and a trip from Toronto to New York is around 250CAD by train. I would consider the train over flying only because it is quick and convenient eg : no security checks or lines. But be at least 15 minutes early. The train comes and goes right on the minute. It is very on-time. "

  • Value for money
    Coach and Seat numbers |
    "I wonder why train compartments in Europe have very obscure indications of their coach numbers and some of them even put seat numbers in very unlikely places. "

  • Excellent |
    "Another great service "