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Brest, conquer the West !

Located in Brittany, Brest is the second most important port of France. Built again after the second world war bombardments, it is also a large university town. Plan several day in Brest as it already take one day to visit the "Oceanopolis".

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If you want to learn more about Brest history, head for the magnificent "Motte-Tanguy" Tower and its museum.

The Navy Museum is also worth the detour. It is ideally located in the oldest monument of Brest : its picturesque castle. It houses an amazing collection showing the great naval adventure of the Brest dockyard. Let yourself be tempted by the discovery of the naval base of Brest and board on a docked war ship. Explore the "Fort Montbarrey", built under Louis the 16th, where you will find the Museum of WWII.

Don’t miss the delicious culinary specialities of Brest like the "Kig ha farz" or the "Kouign Amann".

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