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Cheltenham, a city with a mix of traditional and modern culture

Cheltenham, a city with a mix of traditional and modern culture

Cheltenham is a town located on a region of outstanding beauty, in southwest England. It is known to be a spa town thanks to the presence of natural mineral springs, which were discovered in 1716. The elegant holiday resort is home to stylish shops and restaurants as well as being the host town for a range of fantastic cultural events and festivals.

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The main reason to visit Cheltenham is to relax in one of the town’s spas. Why not head to the Chapel Spa, where you can enjoy a full range of treatments to relax. Discover the hydrotherapy room and the steam room, perfect to give your body a much-earned reward. You can also enjoy the wide range of beauty and spa treatments including massage, Indian head massage, maternity massage, reflexology and anti-ageing facials.

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