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Dol, in Brittany, where nature goes with culture

Between the Mont St Michel and St Malo, come and visit this northwestern french little town of Brittany, Dol. Brittany is well-known for its celtic heritage, Dol is no exception to this rule and it is worth the detour.

About France

From the neolothic period, archaeology connoisseurs will wow facing the "Champ dolent" menhir. Go to explore the city centre and you will discover the Saint Samson cathedral, dating back to the 12th and 13th century.

Around the church, have a stroll and enjoy the beautiful houses and the little shops. You will be amazed by some of the houses, such as the evil’s cellar’s one built during the 12th century, the 15th century Guillotière house, or the Tartan rug’s house dating back to the 12th and 17th century.

You also can visit the museum of the treasury, housed in a lovely 16th century building. Near Dol, find the Notre-Dame du Tronchet abbey.

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