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Foggia, sea, sun, and heritage of Italy

Foggia… You just have to hear this name to feel like in holidays. Southern Italy, sun, sandy beaches, sparkling adriatic waters, here you are. Welcome to this amazing city wonderfully mixing nature and culture. You will not have any regrets.

About Italy

For religious architecture amateurs, you should visit the San Lorenzo cathedral, that houses precious sacred objects. In the centre, San Benedetto church may please you as well.

The fortress dominating the city was built over some remains of the roman acropolis. As a matter of fact, as in the rest of the country, lot of archaeological rests can be seen. Head the Archaeological Siponto park to learn more about it. Beaches lovers, run to Vieste, where you will find the most beautiful beach of the area, sun-kissed and bathed by the twinkling waters...

If you like to disguise yourself, come during the Dauno de Manfredonia carnival, you will have fun!

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