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Gdansk, an amazing polish city on the Baltic sea.

Gdansk is the largest port city of Poland. Located on the Baltic sea, it is 455.000 inhabitants city that probably already existed a thousand years ago. Wandering around the old centre and discover the gothic, nordic renaissance and baroque style architecture.

About Poland

Get prepared to be amazed ! Wow seeing the highest astronomical clock in the world (14 meters high), dating back from the 15th century !

Have a glance to the world-largest church made of brick, Ste Mary’s church, or discover the 17th century Royal chapel.Head the Nowy Port lighthouse, you will be enable to visit it from may to september. Stroll along the Long Street and along the Our Lady Street, one of the most beautiful of the city. Be surprised by the medieval crane remaining in the centre.

Do not leave Gdansk without having seen the Neptune’s fountain (1633) and the Golden house, a magnificent 17th century building.

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Eurorail pass in poland Hi, I did not understand which parts or trains the Eurail Pass cover in poland ? Does it covering all of the train types and companies (like EIC, TLK, IC, EIP, REG - Przewozy Regionalne) ? and routes like szczecin to warszaw, warszaw - (...)

עידן האוז | 2a oktobro 2016 complete | 2 Comments
The big trip We (2 adults) want to travel with our bikes by train from Berlin to Gdansk to Warsaw, Krakow, Prague, Vienna, France and finish in Barcelona, over from Berlin 29 July, arrive in Barcelona 11 August. Is there a pass that covers all of (...)

Drew James | 7a majo 2016 complete | 1 Comments
How can i get from the gdansk airport to bydgoszcz? can I board a train from Gdansk airport that will take me to Bydgoszcz?

lynne | 16a aprilo 2012 complete | 2 Comments
Eurocup - lyon to gdansk i would like going to Gdansk (poland) to watch a game of eurocup. I'm looking for european train from lyon to Poland and from the 06/07/12 to the 06/11/12. Possible to find something?

max | 30a majo 2012 complete | 3 Comments

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