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Guingamp, a little city, an impressive heritage !

Welcome to the lovely northwestern town of Guingamp, in France. This 7.500 inhabitants city can boast about being classified "Ville d’art et d’histoire", thanks to its important heritage and its beauty. Castle, medieval houses, old religious buildings, you will have a lot to see !

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Having a walk in the centre you will face the Town Hall, that used to be a monastery back in the 17th century. Stroll around the Centre square and see the La Plomée fountain.

Head Guingamp’s school and admire the 15th and 16th half-timbered houses facades. You should visit the Notre Dame du Bon Secours basilica, a remarkable building blending romanesque, gothic, and renaissance style architecture. The castle built from the 12th century to the 15th century is also worth the detour.

The ancient prison is visible and will certainly amaze you. Of course, all around the town, beautiful villages and landscapes are waiting for you.

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