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Hyeres, the destination you have to discover right now

In the southwestern part of France is a little city with around 55.000 inhabitants called Hyères. Located in the beautiful Provence Alpes Cotes d’Azur region, Hyères is the perfect place if you want to enjoy the mediterranean sea.

About France

Besides the beautiful landscapes offered by the region, Hyeres can boast about having an important heritage. Whether you are cultural amateur, beaches addict or nature lover, you will like Hyeres.

Fond of archeaology, enjoy the Olbia site, dating back to roman times ! See the ramparts and the rests of the 12th century castle. Walk around the templars’ tower (12/13th century). Have a glance to the gothic St Louis’ church and have some good time in the palm tree casino.

If you prefer military architecture, head the Estillac fort, from the 17th century, or the older one, the St Agathe’s fort, from the 16th century. Sandy beaches lovers, 20 kilometres of coastline await for you !

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