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Kaiserslautern, discover southwestern Germany, its landscapes and its heritage

Kaiserslautern is a middle-size city populated with around 100.000 inhabitants, located in the southwestern part of Germany. Largely destroyed during the 2nd World war, Kaiserslautern is now a modern centre of communication & technology which welcomes a well-known university.

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Besides the famous FC Kaiserslautern ’s team, the city is worth the detour and easily reachable by train. Wander around the most lovely place of the city, the St Martin square.

On the Museum Square, admire the beautiful facade of the Pfalzgalerie, a neo-renaissance building housing great collections of paintings and sculptures. Have a glance to the last half-timbered house of the city, the Spinnrädl, a 18th century historic inn. Do not leave without visiting the rests of the old palace built by Frederic Barbarossa back to the 12th century.

Do not miss either the gothic flamboyant collegiate church, considered as the largest lastest gothic building in southwestern Germany. A lot of gardens and parks offer pleasant walks.

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