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Leon, a wide range of tourist attractions under the spanish sun

Welcome to Spain, Welcome to Leon. Located on the Northeastern part of the country, Leon is a 135.000 inhabitants town that kept an important heritage. Come and see by yourself the beauty of its amazing city !

About Spain

Among the numerous things you can do and see in Leon, there are some you can’t avoid.

Travel through time visiting the San Marcos’ hospital. Set on the remains of a former military roman camp, this building served as an inn for the pilgrims on their way to Santiago of Compostella. Stroll about the centre and discover the 16th century Guzmanes’ palace. Be amazed by the Casa Botines, built by the world-famous Antonio Gaudi architect during the 20th century.

Wow in the San Isodoro basilica, nicknamed the "spanish sistine chapel". Do not miss the cathedral and its museum either. Nature lovers, head the UNESCO listed "Medulas" natural site and the San Isodoro winter sports resort.

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