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Lorient, enjoy the celtic city !

Lorient is located in south Brittany, in the western part of France. This harbour city has welcame inhabitants since prehistory so it is a land full of legends where you can relax in front of the sea, on beautiful beaches.

About France

Lorient provides different interesting sites dating back to the 2nd world war, like the Keroman submarine base. Stroll onto the lovely streets where you will enjoy visiting the art galleries and workshops.

If you like sailing you are in the best place to hop on a windsurf to feel the northern fresh breeze. The city organizes funny visits so that your kids can understand the history and the architecture of the city. From Lorient you can also easily board a train to discover the history of the region thanks to archeological celtic sites such as the world-famous Carnac.

Eventually, don’t forget to have a walk along the beaches to have a breath of fresh air.

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