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Nîmes, even the romans loved it!

Southern France is full of treasures. Nîmes is one of them. Capital of the Gard department in the Languedoc-Roussillon area, this city is firmly rooted in its Roman past, since it is located right on the Via Domitia which used to link Italy to Spain.

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In Nîmes and its surroundings, you will be able to touch the Roman era in just one blink. From the Roman amphitheater up to the Pont-du Gard (an impressive aqueduct), you will be impressed.

Of course, don’t miss the famous Maison Carrée in the old Nîmes. It is one of worldwide best-preserved temples of the Roman period. But Nîmes is also known for its mediterranean climate, and its textile industry, as the original denim for blue jeans stems from there.

Pick up your sandals and sunglasses. Relax and enjoy the place where sunbathes, sea, cicadas choir and good wines are at hand.

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