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An effortlessly chic moveable feast

An effortlessly chic moveable feast

Effortlessly chic. An effusion of culture, couture and cuisine. A place whose name alone conjures up images of whirlwind romances and infamous scribes: This is Paris.
Whether you’re arriving to or departing from Paris by train, you’ll get to travel through one of the seven train stations currently in use. Paris’ train stations are spectacular buildings, which have been immortalized by generations of artists such as famed French painter and impressionist pioneer Claude Monet.

Gare De Lyon, built for the World Exposition of 1900 is a classic study in architecture for that time period. But don’t be fooled by the façade. Inside you’ll find the high-speed TGV terminal that whisks travelers throughout France at record speeds. Walk with your head toward the sky, under its massive glass roof or have dinner in the legendary Train Bleu restaurant. This is a unique traveler experience - inside a train station. However, the real excitement is where the train can take you. With France’s dense railway network, you can reach most French – and European – cities within a few hours.

On the world-class Eurostar, get to London in just 2 hours and 15 minutes. Or board the Thalys train for a quick getaway to Brussels in just 90 minutes or Amsterdam in just over 3 hours. The record-breaking TGV can whisk you to Geneva (3h20) or Zurich (4h30) via its TGV Lyria service, or Frankfurt (4h), via the recently inaugurated TGV East line.

About France

It’s easy to be a jetsetter. Settle into a chic Paris hotel, wake the next morning and think, “I’d love to have lunch in an authentic French bouchon.” In just two hours you can be in Lyon, feasting on famed foie gras. Or relive history, taking the train to Bayeux to visit the D-Day beaches in Normandy in about two hours. Paris isn’t just your destination; it’s also your gateway to the rest of Europe’s magic.

If you plan to travel to Paris and a few other cities in France, consider a France Rail Pass. This will provide you with unlimited travel on the French national rail network.

The train can also take you too many attractions in and around Paris, thanks to the very efficient local rail service. A 30-minute train ride allows you the opportunity to follow the footsteps of France’s monarchs, in the lavish palace of Versailles built by King Louis the XIV. Or you may want to visit Sleeping Beauty in her castle at Disneyland Paris. Either way, our Paris Visite transportation card will take you there. Better than a magic carpet ride. This is your fairy-tale come true.

The romance of the rails really shines in the starry night sky. Take a night train from Paris to your next destination. Embark on the Thello train and wake up in Venice the next morning.

Start your trip in Paris. But don’t stop here. A world of possibilities and off the beaten path experiences awaits you, just a short train ride away.

Paris has a wealth of restaurants serving specialities from every corner of the world. However you don’t come to this amazing city without having a morning croissant, lunch in a neighbourhood bistro or dinner in a Michelin-starred restaurants if you wish to have a treat.

Head to the legendary Galeries Lafayette. The department store, created in 1894, has constantly reflected the styles of the times through a sophisticated selection of brands, ranging from the most prestigious to the most affordable.

Paris Tourist Office
25 rue des Pyramides. 75001 Paris
Tel : +33 (0)1 49 52 42 63

The city’s tourist office has a helpful personnel, insider information and tips as well as handy maps and brochures. The city’s tourist office also arranges tours and excursions and is a focal point for local accommodation.

Paris station(s)

Trains are convenient way to reach any town and city in Europe. All main towns have a railway station, while major cities have more than two railway stations. Nearly all railway stations are located in the city centre. Check our map to locate railway station(s) in Paris.

Paris city guide

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    "easy! convenience! "

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    Comfortable and Spacious Seat  | Shwu Yian g. | 2015/11/15
    "I do like the seat, it is spacious and comfy. However, i do experience poor attitude from the station officer at Leipzig. It is my first time to Europe, first time taking Europe trains and i do not speak english so i need help as to which platform and the train system works but the officer on duty then refuses to help me because he can't speak english. I am disappointed. However, the seat was comfy and the train is clean. "

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    spectacular views, fair price | Salka g. | 2015/11/15
    "The journey was fairly priced for the distance crossing borders. It took us through some spectacular landscapes. The carriage was clean and quite comfortable, but the toilet was a mess from the beginning of the journey and not in the condition I would expect on a TGV train. "

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    Travel from Montpellier to Par | Dale b. | 2015/11/14
    "The trip was easy to book and very easily accomplished. "

  • Catching the connecting train | . | 2015/11/13
    "We almost failed to catch our connecting train from Bordeaux to Paris. Our first train arrived late and we experienced difficulty in finding our connecting train because there are no proper signs / instructions at the station. At the connecting train, we have to hop on the first car we saw, dragging our luggages, because there's no more time figuring out which car we are supposed to board. The train started moving just in time when we boarded. "

  • Train stops notification | . | 2015/11/13
    "It was a night train and there's a good change that you will miss your stop if you stay inside your cabin since there's no "silent" alert that would inform the passengers of the next stop. In our case, we just stood near the exit door more than 30min before the scheduled arrival at Lourdes station just to make sure we will not miss our stop. "

  • Value for money
    Very nice, quick journey | James h. | 2015/11/13
    "Very nice, fast and comfortable trains. I love travelling by TGV. I live in Lezay, about 50 mins drive from Poitiers so is there a station closer and what is planned for the new train line close to where I live? Also, I don't understand the pricing. My ticket cost 79.50 Euros and the advertising says "from € 20". I have pasted the text from a Google search: Train Poitiers Paris from € 20 - Timetable "

  • snafu | . | 2015/11/13
    "I was not able to take this train as my passage from Budapest to Munich was halted and terminated at Salzburg Austria "

  • Value for money
    safe and comfortable | Yeong Tyan c. | 2015/11/13
    "With the TGV , we can save much time in communication.And the seats are quite spacious.Nice interior decor makes the travelers feel at home. It's great to visit different cities by the system. "

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