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Santiago de Compostela, maybe the end of a long trip, certainly the beginning of a new adventure !

The city of Santiago de Compostela is located in the northwestern part of Spain, in the Autonomous Community of Galicia. It is the arrival of the famous roads to Santiago de Compostela which are Christian roads of pilgrimage.

About Spain

Santiago de Compostela is an historic place in Europe due to the pilgrimage to this city. Its cultural heritage is very important and the historic centre was listed to the UNESCO world heritage in 1985.

This part of the city contains many monuments that deserve to be seen. So, walking around the narrow streets and watching the fronts of the houses and palaces is already a very pleasant activity. But the greatest place of Santiago de Compostela is without any doubt its cathedral. It houses the grave of Saint James the Great, final point of the pilgrimage, and presents many architectural styles.

Take the time to follow the pilgrim’s Mass during which the botafumeiro will sway over your head...

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  • Good experience |
    "1st class seats/car was mostly clean, roomy and I enjoyed looking at where I just walked on the Camino. Only suggestion, please put closed captions/open captions on your TV's (movies, information, etc) for your Deaf and Hard if Hearing passengers. It is easy and possible. Someone just has to think equal access is important to make that change. Thank you Geo "

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    "Really pleased by the Service. Took first class tickets with spacious seating and we got to see a newly released movie in Spanish (for me it is not a problem because I understand and speak Spanish), but for my husband it was different but in any case one can look at the footages and try to understand the synopsis. To do again some other time. I wish the same service would be as much developed in Andalusia. Best. "

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    "The journey is not too long but it takes almost 5 hours as the train type is not very modern. "