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Segovia, open wide your eyes, you are in Andalusia

Bienvenidos ! Segovia is awaiting for you. Not even an hour away driving from the spanish capital, Segovia will charm you and feast your eyes with history and heritage. So get prepared to be amazed, for sure, you will love it !

About Spain

Since 1985, the city is UNESCO listed, and it deserves it ! Segovia is one of the most beautiful historic city of Spain. From the roman aqueduct to the museum of contemporary art, you will travel through time. Discover the roman past of the city wandering around its best-preserved remain, the aqueduct.

Then head the fortress dating back to the 14th century, the famous Alcazar. Visit the gothic and renaissance cathedral, that gracefully towers the city. If you like religious architecture, do not miss the San Antonio El Real convent, that dates back from the 15th century.

Museum lovers, the Casa del Sol and the museum of contemporary art welcome you.

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