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St Pierre des corps, the train lovers city, in the middle of the Loire Valley !

A lot of travellers know St Pierre des Corps for being an important train station between Paris and Bordeaux. Located in the Loire Vallée chateaux, near the beautiful city of Tours, St Pierre des Corps is indeed a very important railway junction.

About France

St Pierre des Corps has a perfect location for the ones that want to visit the Touraine region and its castles. The area was the former cemetery of the romans living in Tours, 4 kilometres away, and it resulted this curious name meaning St Peter of the bodies…

Despite a long and rich story, St Pierre des Corps don’t keep an important heritage because it suffered a lot from the World War 2’s bombings (85% of the city disappeared). Train lovers should have a walk around the train station to admire the Pacific 231 E41 locomotive.

The Loire river banks (UNESCO listed part) offers to nature amateurs pleasant walks.

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