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Toulon, between sea and mountains…

Between sea and mountains, come to discover the pleasant city of Toulon, in southeastern France. Facing the Mediterranean sea, Toulon is the largest french military harbour, but it is also an attractive city where you will have a lot to do and see.

About France

Despite the damages of the World War 2, Toulon remains a city with an important heritage. Enjoy the Puget square, a picturesque provencal place.

On summer, you can enter the 16th century Royal Tower. As Toulon needed to be defended, you may meet a lot of fortifications such as the St Louis Fort, the Italy’s gate or the Square Tower. Head the Sainte Marie de la Seds cathedral, an Historic monument dating back to the 11th century and blending different styles.

The St Louis and the St François de Paule churches are worth the visit as well. You will also find various museums and beaches in Toulon !

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