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Ulm, the world-famous german city

The old city of Ulm developped on the left bank of the Danube river, some 4.000 years ago. Located on southern Germany, Ulm is a middle-size multifaceted town that is worth the visit in many respects, so get prepared to be wowed.

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Ulm suffered a lot from the second world War, but kept a great part of its heritage. The unavoidable must-see in Ulm is certainly the cathedral that reaches today some 161 metres high.

If you want to have a panoramic view onto the city, just climb the 768 steps… On the town Hall, do not miss the astronomical clock. To learn more about the city, head the town museum which presents archeological objects and masterpieces. A lot of other museums are worth the visit like the one of the Bread or the one of Water.

Stroll about the historic centre and discover the Tanners and Fisherman’s area, a touristic place that deserves the detour.

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