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Valladolid, the artistic and literary spanish city

Valladolid is located in the Castilla y Léon region, in northern Spain. Besides the Holy Week which is a world famous event, Valladolid is surprisingly rich as far as heritage is concerned. Let yourself be tempted by this lively and pretty city.

About Spain

For the ones that want to learn more about the city they are staying in, head the museum of Valladolid in which you will find archaeology items and various works of art.

If you are a lover of literature, you will be pleased to discover the houses of two famous writers, Cervantés and Zorilla. You can also visit the museum of Contemporary Art, the National Museum of polychrome Sculptures (from Middle Ages to the 19th century), or the Oriental Museum. Do not miss the Renaissance style cathedral.

Stroll about the Historic Centre and seeing the name of the streets, you will understand which craft guilds used to live there.

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