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Vannes, break your habits in the Breton city

Vannes is a city located in the south of Britanny, in the western part of France. It was built in a bay on the Morbihan’s gulf, in a triangle formed by the cities of Nantes, Rennes and Quimper.

About France

Vannes is a city labelled "ville d’art et d’histoire" for its great heritage. The historic city is surrounded by ramparts dating back from the 3rd, the 14th and the 17th centuries.

To enter the old city, you can chose to go through the Jail gate, which is one of the oldest entrance. Inside those walls, the city presents more than 200 half-timbered houses, the oldests dating from the 15th century. Walking around the streets, you will find the beautiful Saint Peter’s cathedral. You can also visit the Gaillard Castle or the Cohue.

The last one used to be the market place during the Middle Ages, and it houses now the fine arts museum.

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