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If you want to truly understand a country and its people, travel by train. Especially in Norway.

If you want to truly understand a country and its people, travel by train. Especially in Norway. Most Norwegian trains offer only one class of travel, echoing Norway’s renowned regard for equality (after all, this is where the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded every year). And it most definitely delivers. Incredibly roomy seats, with lots of legroom. Design that is simple and understated, except for the futuristic hi-speed trains that whisk you to the city from distant Oslo airport. But, you wouldn’t expect anything less from a country that also happens to be one of the richest in the world.

Travelers often take the train from Oslo to Bergen on the west coast. Here the train tracks snake along creeks—iced solid in winter—and through the mountains. From Bergen, why not head north to Alesund? And, don’t hesitate to mix-it-up with your transport choices: connecting from a train to a boat that glides through the fjords. Or consider a Eurail Scandinavian Rail Pass. It provides a wallet-wise 50% discount on most ferry services. From Alesund, it’s just a short trip to Andalsnes, the departure station of the Rauma line, a scenic train that travels through magnificent alpine landscapes, overlooking fjords and passing by the impressive 5,000-foot high Trollvegen cliffs.

But, let’s get back to the truth about trains, about Norway, where each season is pure magic. Yes, days are short in winter, but stepping off a train (after having sipped some hot tea at your seat) amid the absolute silence of a snowfield is an unbelievably serene experience. And summer’s endless days are just as extraordinary. In the evening, the light’s golden tones magnify already glorious landscapes. Did someone say “oooommmmmm?”

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