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You can access Wales from the south, in castle-rich Cardiff, or from the north, an impressive wildlife paradise.

Welsh trains operate similarly to those in the UK, and are easy to navigate. The language is the same, and trains are frequent, comfortable, and require no reservations.

Of course, if you’re traveling with a pass at peak times, it’s always a good idea to book your seat in advance. Rail Europe can do this for you, or you can do so locally, depending on when you finalize your travel plans. If you choose to go with a ticket, remember that all tickets sold by Rail Europe include a pre-assigned seat whenever the carrier offers this option. (It’s always nice to start your journey in a comfortable, pre-selected seat.)

You can access Wales from the south, in castle-rich Cardiff, or from the north, an impressive wildlife paradise. Cardiff connects to London in a little over two hours, with frequent service. Chester (located in the north at the border between England and Wales) is the gateway to northern Wales, and connects to London, Manchester, and Birmingham.

Essentially, train travel in Wales is comprised of these routes: a north-south line, connecting Cardiff and Chester, and two east-west lines which connect Cardiff or Chester to Fishguard and Holyhead, two ports on the Irish Sea with additional ferry connections in Ireland. Good to know: if you’re heading to Ireland and hold an Ireland or Eurail Pass, you’ll receive a money-saving 30% discount on the ferry line linking Holyhead and Dun Laoghaire (just a few miles away from Dublin, connected by train).

And, if you plan to travel with a pass, you have lots of possibilities. There are many BritRail Pass options which offer a variety of geographical choices perfect for your particular travel—and budget—needs.

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  • good | . | 2017/01/29
    "It was alright and on time. I just wish there would have been a direct train to my destination. "

  • Value for money
    Nice view | I-min c. | 2016/11/15
    "This's my first time to take the train from London to Glasgow, and I did enjoy the scenery in the way. It's too beautiful to sleep.I "

  • Value for money
    Bristol to paddington direct | James g. | 2016/10/26
    "This has historically been a painless journey and this one was no different. Continues to be a pretty punctual route, with just about enough seats to accommodate demand. Only concern would be if you were joining after Bristol, seat reservations weren't marked and it wasn't clear that the operator was honoring them at all. As the service starts in Bristol that was not an issue for me. "

  • Value for money
    My experince with Rail Europe | Nili g. | 2016/08/23
    "I believe my rating on all three categories sums it all.I certainly will continue to look out for Rail Europe as my first rail traveling ooption whenever relevant. "

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    vocation  | Yoav z. | 2016/08/18
    "comlimentary WI FI could be provided for no fee , the train was on time clean and quiet although quite full both ways . "

  • Value for money
    wonderful trip | Mao t. | 2016/08/16
    "It was our first time to take rail in England. very enjoyable. "

  • Value for money
    Very comfort. | Chung Chiao c. | 2016/08/12
    "Seats were comfortable. Staff was kind. The meal and beverages were nice. "

  • Value for money
    London to Edinbrugh Express | Diana b. | 2016/07/27
    "The trip was fast and comfortable. The workers on the train were polite and nice. The only issue was the fact that there were only a couple of times that the cart came and it was kinda expensive. Overall it was a quick ride and a pleasant one. "

  • Value for money
    great journey | Buntaran l. | 2016/07/11
    "we are really enjoying traveling with Virgin train, the service is excellent but unfortunately on the way back to London we missed the train and we can not utilize the tickets for the next schedule and we have to buy new ones only for lower class with special rate - being helped by the ticketing officer "

  • Carlisle to Euston | . | 2016/07/05
    "Good trip, train was on time and good value for money. Easy to book and print tickets at station. Used to Swiss trains that are more spacious than the British ones, but no complaints. "

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