Finland Helsinki Train StationFinland Helsinki Harbour Winter

Helsinki's harbor in the winter.

Finland Helsinki Church In Rock

The Rock Church of Helsinki.

Finland Helsinki Art

Visit the unique art in Helsinki.

Finland Helsinki Sightseeing

Traditional Finnish costumes as seen in Helsinki.

Ride the Rails in Finland

Finland isn’t easy to get to by train. Your best choice is to fly directly to Helsinki from the United States. Or, if you’re already abroad, you can take a one-night boat cruise on the Baltic from Stockholm. It’s a nice add-on to your European experience, and the prices are very competitive. Even more so with a Finland rail pass that gets you the cruise at half off!

Once you’re in Finland, trains are an excellent mode of transport (except when traveling very far up north which is out-of-reach by both trains and cars). The best way to describe Finnish trains? Incredibly comfortable and people-friendly, even in second class. First class (called Business Class) is not offered on all trains but when it is, it’s a real treat. On some trains, a self-service bar for snacks and drinks is provided, and there’s a dining car that offers tasty local and international cuisine on long distance services. Sleeping cars feature on-board showers, with private showers for the most luxurious cabins, shared showers for the least expensive. There are even special compartments for travelers with allergies. Ever the road warrior? Not to worry as cell phone coverage is superb on most trains. But why not simply chill and accept that warm, fuzzy feeling setting in. And, sit back and enjoy the stunning views of the blue lakes and green forests.

For more information on Finland contact the Finland Tourist Board.

Top cities in Finland

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