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Congratulations on being ready to travel in France. Simply input your itinerary information and let us present your travel options. You’ll even be able to judge whether a more flexible country pass or specific city-to-city tickets will be better for you, with instant pricing information to help. So let's go. It’s time for more than just your mind to wander.

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Here’s a French recipe to suit the taste of every world traveler.

It’s a rail pass. The perfect mix of spontaneous travel and easy planning for the budget conscious. Not only useful for journeying around France, but visiting a spectacular array of its border countries. Look at our most popular passes below. There’s something to suit every taste.

Some trains require reservations. Does yours?

In France, reservations are not accepted on regional trains such as the TER. They are recommended for domestic Intercités trains. And they are required for all domestic and international TGVs, and night trains. All reservations are at an additional cost and can be requested within 90 days of your travel date.

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Louvre Museum

Paris museums without waiting. Now, that’s an art.

A Paris Museum Pass lets you enjoy the Louvre, Notre Dame and 60 other museums and monuments without waiting in line. Hey, you’re there to see the statues, not be one.