Paris France Eiffel Tower

Grand Palais and Eiffel Tower

The cloisters of Saint-Sauveur cathedral

The cloisters of Saint-Sauveur cathedral (12th century) in Aix-en-Provence.

Entrance to the old port of Marseille from the Pharo at nightfall.

Entrance to the old port of Marseille from the Pharo.

France Paris Notre Dame River Seine

Notre Dame Cathedral and the River Seine, Paris.

Enjoy the beauty of Nice.

Enjoy the beauty of Nice.

France on Track

All major French cities are connected by TGV,  the high speed train network which travels at speeds nearly 200 mph. Considering that France is the size of Texas, your destinations are now just a “whirl” away.

In no more time than the average New York commute (or about 45 minutes), you could hop from Paris to Reims while marveling through the magnificent vineyards of Champagne. Just two hours takes you from Paris to the cultural center of Nantes. There, you'll ride along the Loire, watching local fishermen boating on the “royal river.” In three-hours, TGV journeys to Marseille and the Mediterranean Sea. Here, you'll discover gorgeous geography and fascinating history, traveling through Burgundy’s medieval villages, along the tumultuous Rhone river, and through Provence where you’ll pass by the Pont du Gard—a 161-foot high Roman aqueduct, still overlooking lavender fields a mere 2,000 years after completion.

What’s more, France’s high speed rail network also connects to neighboring countries. And you can be in many North-European capitals in a few short hours from Paris. Why fly when you can enjoy the comfort, speed, and convenience of train travel? Not to mention its environmental friendliness.

If you plan to travel just once or twice on TGV, you should purchase tickets. Or, if you’d rather an in-depth exploration of a particular region via the local train service, choose a Eurail France Pass. The pass lets you hop on and hop off local trains (which run frequently and are very comfortable). Just be sure to make a reservation to secure seating on longer-distance trips.

To learn more about preparing your trip to France, visit Atout France by clicking here if you’re a US resident or here if you’re a Canadian resident.

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