Berlin: Brandenburg Gate, evening

The impressive Berlin Brandenburg Gate at night

Cologne/Rhine: guard at the Rhineland Carnival

Enjoy Cologne's Rhineland Festival

Munich: National Theatre on Max-Joseph-Platz, evening

Enjoy an evening at Munich's National Theatre.

Bad Tölz/Upper Bavaria: Children in traditional costume during the

Children in Tradional Dress for a Festival in Upper Bavaria

Rothenburg ob der Tauber: old town

Walking the charming streets of Rothenburg.

Germany on Track

Germany’s geography—a myriad of majestic mountains, rolling countrysides, and cosmopolitan cities—makes rail travel highly convenient—and captivating. There’s an abundance of places worth a visit, including Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Cologne, and Frankfurt. All are interconnected by an efficient hi-speed train system that also includes Frankfurt airport. So you can easily transfer from your transatlantic flight to cities in a 300-mile radius—that’s less than 2 hours! Other European connections are readily available, including Paris, Brussels, Vienna, and Zurich.

German’s ICE (Inter City Express) train is renowned not only for its speed, but for its high-tech and outrageously comfortable accommodations as well. We give an enthusiastic “Yes!” to First Class, with its large, plush leather seats. Plus, the newest ICE trains also feature individual video entertainment systems, and a glass separation between the driver's cabin and the passenger area. So you can head to the front of the train to truly experience a rail ride (at 186 mph!) like no other. ICE trains also contain a traditional restaurant-car where you can enjoy a warm meal on a dressed table.

City Night Line, Germany’s night trains, are also world-famous. These “hotel on wheels” offer private rooms with bathroom facilities and showers. One night’s sleep will take you anywhere in Germany and even as far as Rome, Paris, Amsterdam, and Vienna.

Some German trains require a reservation which you should purchase in advance. And all are connected to regional trains should you want to further explore the country (highly recommended). Reservations, when available, are included when you purchase a ticket from Rail Europe. If you purchase a pass, you must purchase your reservation separately.

For more information on Germany contact the Germany Tourist Board.

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