Luxembourg: Panoramic view of the city at night

Luxembourg: Panoramic view of the city at night

Ride the Rails in Luxembourg

Luxembourg, a country covering less than 1,000 miles (about half the size of Rhode Island), boasts not only a comprehensive and efficient rail network, but also some of the world’s richest residents.

Ten train lines take travelers from Luxembourg City to virtually any point in the country. Mirroring the simplicity and convenience of a suburban train system, Luxembourg rails are also very comfortable. Trains operate hourly from 8:00am to 8:00pm with extra service during peak times. Open seating rules throughout, so you can just hop on and take a seat. And the very short travel distances diminish the need for first class, unless you’re traveling during crowded peak hours.

If you’re considering a rail pass, remember that Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands are referred to as “Benelux,” a term given to accentuate their political and economic synergies.

Luxembourg is well connected to Paris by direct TGV service, and train or bus shuttles link Luxembourg Station with the rest of the TGV and ICE (German high speed trains) networks (in Lorraine TGV or Saarbrücken). These high speed services require a pre-assigned seat. (One comes automatically with any ticket purchased from Rail Europe; if you hold a rail pass, simply book your seat with our “reservation only” system, or buy one locally).

But before leaving Luxembourg, most definitely dine. This gourmand’s delight has more critically-savored (14-stars!) restaurants per capita than any other country in the world.

For more information on Luxembourg contact the Luxembourg Tourist Board.

Contributed by: Vida, Development Coach, is 100% Lithuanian and has plans to visit the country soon.

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