It used to take an Ottoman army to pass through Macedonia. Today, it takes a train.

    You’re ready to book a trip to a place very few people know anything about, let alone its trains. So here’s some much needed help. Simply put your ideal itinerary in, and see the rail options for Macedonia with instant pricing. You’ll most likely decide to upgrade to a Balkan Pass for travel into surrounding countries, a comparison we make easy here. So let’s go while the going is easy and the only ottoman you have to deal with is the one under your feet.

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    How much of Europe would you like to conquer?

    Why not visit all the neighbors? A rail pass is a great way to easily travel around at minimum cost. There’s even the Benelux pass that combines rail through Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg. We’ve thought of everything. All you have to do is think of us.

    Some trains require reservations. Does yours?

    Feel free to hop on and off Macedonia’s trains without reservations using your pass. (Advance reservations are not accepted there.)

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